6 Types of LINE-X Truck Gear That Will Make Your Next Vacation Even Better

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Whether preparing for a camping trip or headed to a cabin in the snowy mountains, finding the best way transport gear and supplies can turn vacation planning into a headache. How do you carry the kayaks to the campsite? How will you protect the snowmobile from hail or rain? On top of all of this, how do you ensure that your car can withstand the cargo or weather?

Well, LINE-X has your headache cure.  

Finding First-Rate Gear with LINE-X

LINE-X is a world-renowned bedliner coating and accessories company with a presence in Flagstaff. While it is best known for its spray-on bedliner, LINE-X also offers frontier gear that can protect both your truck and your cargo. Their gear’s high durability and quality is why many major insurance companies recommend LINE-X when looking to improve your truck. In addition, with outstanding customer service and well-trained technicians as pillars of their business, LINE-X offers a unique, lifetime end-to-end warranty on all of its truck gear.

6 Types of LINE-X Truck Gear You Need For Your Next Vacation

Regardless of the trip, such high-quality and dependable gear like LINE-X is essential. It can help one to bring more items and protect cargo. It can reduce the wear-and-tear on your truck, allowing it to be used for several trips. It can also put people joining the trip at ease by offering security and stability, so that everyone can relax and enjoy the adventure. The additions can be big or small.

Retractable RS Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is a protective top for the truck’s bed. Its main function is to protect cargo, though it helps to reduce wind drag, too. Our tonneau cover is unique because it is topped with a customizable rolling stock rail system that can withstand about 500lbs. This means that travelers can not only protect gear within the bed, but also hoist outdoor gear onto the RS, such as canoes or bikes, allowing them to bring more gear and supplies on vacation.

Floor Liners

Protect your vehicle’s floor from dirt, mud, snow, and rain. Our floor liners are rubber, weatherproof, malleable, and customized to fit the truck’s contours. These state-of-the-art liners are manufactured with raised nibs on the bottom, which keep the mat the place. This addition helps to ensure that no matter what weather occurs on a trip, the vehicle is always protected. 

Jump Starter and Power Bank

This jump starter and power bank takes out the need for a secondary driver. It’s a self-sufficient device that is fueled by a portable power bank and includes a LED light. Specifically, our power bank is capable of reaching 600 max amps. This means that it can kickstart both gas and diesel engines if needed. Its power bank also has a multitude of ports, including USB ports, 12V DC and 110V AC charging cables, as well as iPhone and Android charging cables. The result? A compact, safer, easier, and consistent way to start your car or devices, so that you aren’t left powerless or stranded. 

Five-inch Oval Step Bar

Another great addition to your truck is an oval step bar. Constructed with polished stainless steel tubing and rubber padding, it offers more traction for passengers and drivers getting into and out of the vehicle. This five-inch oval step bar is available in a straight or premium design and can be added to most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Having one added to your vehicle is beneficial because it can improve everyone’s safety and protect your truck from any inadvertent damage as people step in and out of the vehicle. 

Expedition Cooler

Buying snacks and cold drinks are often high priorities for any outdoor adventure or expedition. But finding ways to carry all those treats can be a challenge. The LINE-X expedition cooler is your solution. Made of durable plastic and dense insulation, the cooler keeps ice longer than other coolers. Its stainless steel handles with foam grips as well as its dual-locking plates means that it’s both well-protected and easy to carry, but also well protected. There are four different sizes to choose from, too, including 20qt, 45qt, 75qt, and 110qt. Adding this cooler to your trip can ensure that all your food and beverages are well-stored, no matter the occasion. 

Ratcheting Tie-down Kit

Ratcheting tie-down straps are great for tying down cargo when you are transporting or traveling with goods. Adding these straps to your truck bed will protect your cargo by keeping everything secure and stable while on the road. These heavy-duty straps have a whopping 3,000-pound breaking strength, too. This means that whether you’re headed to the mountains with ski gear or the woods with camping gear, the ratcheting tie-down kit will keep everything in place.

Lifetime End-to-End Warranty

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may have some concerns about the upkeep and longevity of such accessories and additions to your truck. You may feel that it’s not worth the investment. Fortunately, LINE-X offers a lifetime end-to-end warranty. This lifetime warranty means that if there are any malfunctions or issues with accessories, LINE-X will replace and reinstall that part at no cost to the owner — no matter where you live.

Protect Your Truck With LINE-X Truck Gear Before Your Next Vacation

Vacations are meant to be relaxing experiences for everyone, including drivers and passengers. Knowing your cargo and vehicle are protected will help make that possible. By providing top-notch gear, reliable customer service, and a lifetime warranty, LINE-X accessories can meet your vacationing needs. In doing so, LINE-X can turn your vacation-planning headache into peace of mind, so that you don’t reach your destination, but enjoy it once you’re there. Check out our website to learn more about our premium LINE-X truck gear.

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