6 Problems Your Truck May Encounter Without a Cargo Bed Liner

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Trucks are more than just a mode of transportation. Any truck owner knows that a truck can be a moving van, a landscaping hauler, or even a commuter bus. You can carry and haul almost anything easily in the bed of your truck. Sometimes, owning a truck is even an integral part of your livelihood. Having a sturdy, well-kept truck is important in the construction, demolition, or landscaping industry. The overall utility of a pickup truck is the main reason many of us choose to purchase these types of vehicles. 

One common issue most truck owners face is the wear and tear a truck’s bed that can accumulate after years of use or work. While the finish on the rest of the truck looks brand new, a well-used truck bed can pose problems for the owner. The bed of the truck is often the most worn and damaged part of the vehicle. An easy and common solution to this problem is to install a bed liner or coating.

Bed liners for trucks will protect the bed of your vehicle, as well as provide protection for the items you haul. Truck beds that don’t have a liner often get damaged and may actually cause harm to the items you haul.

Problems Your Truck May Encounter Without a Cargo Bed Liner

While it doesn’t seem like an unlined truck bed could be that bad, it can actually cause a few issues for your vehicle. Here are a few examples of the types of damage an unlined truck bed can incur.

1) Nicks And Scratches In Paint

Nobody expects a vehicle to keep a pristine paint job, especially if you have a well-used truck. But, most owners typically want to keep their truck looking as nice as possible for as long as possible. An unlined truck bed can develop nicks and scratches from hauling everyday loads. While you may think a few scratches are nothing to worry about, chipped paint can actually be a huge problem for truck owners. 

Exposed metal on an unlined truck bed can lead to rust and corrosion. Nicks and scratches in your truck’s paint will expose the metal to moisture and UV light, leading to the corrosion of your vehicle. This type of corrosion is avoided when you install a truck bed liner, which will protect your truck bed from nicks and scratches.

2) Exposure to The Elements

Paint on the bed of a truck is not only worn down through dense scrapes and scratches. When you live in a place with extreme weather conditions, like scorching hot summers or winters with sleet and snow, vehicle paint will wear off over time. As paint slowly is worn away, the metal of your truck bed will be exposed. This exposure will of course lead to metal corrosion and rust. To avoid this damage, you can protect the bed of your truck from the sun or inclement weather by getting a cargo liner installed.

3) Corrosion And Rust

Installing a cargo bed liner on your truck is the easiest way to prevent damage from corrosion and rust. Over time the protective paint on your vehicle will either get scraped, chipped, or worn off. This is very common and happens over time. Since nobody wants a rusted-out truck bed, most vehicle owners choose to have a truck bed liner installed. It's a great way to protect your investment.

4) Dents

Cargo bed liners do more than just protect the paint on your truck bed. In fact, they protect your truck from dents and damage from hauling loads. Instead of bending the metal on your truck bed, The impact of a hastily dropped load will be absorbed by the truck bed liner. For trucks that are used frequently, a cargo bed liner will protect the shape of the bed of your truck for years.

5) Dirty Cargo Bed

Trucks that get used get dirty. And while most truck owners know that a quick wash will take care of the matter, a truck bed liner makes cleaning out a truck bed easy. You can simply take a hose and rinse out a cargo bed liner without worrying about having sitting water in the back of your truck. You won't have to worry about possible rest damage or corrosion.

6) Less Shock Absorption From Bumpy Rides

If you've ever had to ride in the back of a truck, you know how bumpy roads can make that ride uncomfortable. Well cargo bed liners can improve the ride on even the bumpiest of trails. This of course works for cargo as well as passengers in your truck. This means that your passengers have a smoother ride and the cargo loads will have less likelihood of damage.

Bed Liners Extend Your Truck Bed's Lifespan

When you want your truck to last a long time, it just makes sense to protect your truck bed with a cargo bed liner. Cargo bed liners extend the life of your truck in several ways.

  • Protection from rust and corrosion
  • Protection from dents
  • Protection from the elements
  • Improves your resale value

Protect Your Cargo Bed With The LINE-X Spray-On Protective Coating

With all the benefits of having a cargo bed liner, it doesn't make sense not to have one installed on your truck. Not only will it protect your truck from scrapes and dents, but a waterproof liner will also keep corrosion at bay. And since it is waterproof, the truck bed liner will protect your truck from our monsoons and snowy winters. It makes good financial sense to get a cargo bed liner installed. If you have plans to someday sell your truck, having a cargo bed liner will help your truck retain its value. 

For the latest in spray-on liner technology, we offer the LINE-X brand cargo bed liner. Flagstaff Collision Center is the official LINE-X installer in Flagstaff and surrounding areas. Give us a call today so that we can give you all the information on how a LINE-X liner can improve the longevity of your truck.

Michael Whittemore