How to Increase Your Car's Resale Value

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The used car market is booming thanks to ongoing tailwinds from the pandemic, meaning now could be the perfect time to sell your vehicle. What steps should you take to get the maximum value for it? Is it worth it to go the extra mile with your TLC? Check out some tips and tricks for maximizing the resale value of your ride.

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Repair Those Dings and Dents

Dents can detract from the value of your car, but whether it’s worth the price to fix them at an auto body repair shop is an open question. A good shop can pull out the dent in a car for anywhere from a few dollars to a $100 or so, especially if it’s shallow or located in the bumper. Larger or irregularly-shaped dents to your panels can cost $1,000 or more to fix and might be uneconomical to repair for an older car. If your car is newer and can fetch a higher price, then it probably would be worth it to pay for dent repair.

Fix Your Paint Job

Your car probably has some paint missing from rock chips, scratches, and the wear and tear of the elements. A car paint repair appointment can fix minor or extensive paint damage, making it easier to sell your car. However, some buyers want to make the decision to repaint the car on their own, making it important for you to evaluate your potential buyers, the condition of your car, and the likely prices it can bring in before paying for more than a simple auto scratch repair.

Treat Your Car Right

It goes without saying but still needs to be said: The best way to save on car repairs is to drive safely and to take care of your car. Keep up with regular maintenance and don’t delay repairs when you know they’re needed. Leaving your car to still outside for extended periods can cause damage from sunlight, bird droppings, rocks and dust, and temperature changes. While you’re on the road, drive defensively, obey traffic laws, and don’t try to wedge in between that telephone pole and the truck that’s three times your car’s size.

Go Wild With Cleaning

No one wants to buy a dity car, and cleaning yours could make it more enticing to prospective buyers. Clean the interior by wiping down all surfaces, switching out the floor mats, and vacuuming any particles that could be on the floor. Wash the exterior and remove any dirt and grime from your headlights and their plastic housing (a spot many car owners miss). Don’t overlook your tires - clean the hubcaps and your tires to give them a fresh new look without changing them (or buy a new set if you think it’s worth it).

Unless your engine is extremely dirty, don’t worry about cleaning it. A working engine is going to be dirty. This will likely be seen as a positive by a potential buyer. An engine that’s too clean can look like it was spray-painted and could make a buyer question what’s wrong with it when it’s perfectly functional.

Get the Originals!

Nothing beats the original, and the same goes for your car parts. When it’s time to replace some that are worn-out, choose the originals instead of aftermarket parts. This can make your car a little easier to sell while increasing its overall value. You might have to find salvaged parts if you can’t find any on the market because you have an older vehicle.

Keep Your Paperwork

Your car’s paperwork can seem mundane but it can add immense value to your vehicle at sale. The paperwork can show that the car was regularly serviced and shows any major changes that you made to the vehicle. Keep the receipts for every purchase you make for it, no matter how small, whether you’re doing a smog check, changing a light or the battery, or taking it in for a major overhaul. This transparency in the repair history can make you and the buyer more confident in the value of your vehicle.

Do Your Homework

There’s a wide range of used car sale prices, so take some time to research how much yours is worth and where it could sell for the best price. Your car may be worth far more in another part of the country than it is locally. On the other hand, you may be able to sell it for a higher price locally if you take it in for some inexpensive repairs. Research local body shops (like us), read their reviews, and speak with them in-person to find out if they can improve the value of your car.

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