How Much Will It Cost to Repair Front Bumper in Flagstaff?

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Damage to the front bumper seems like a simple fix, however, the bumper protects a number of systems that are crucial to your car’s function. This could make recovering from a collision more stressful with added costs and a longer process to get your car fixed.

The cost to fix a front bumper depends on the severity of the damage and the make/model of the car. Newer cars have more electronic components, which require a mechanic that is trained with this technology and has access to the tools needed to fix it. Extensive damage will require more labor hours and the replacement of more parts.

With the intense weather in Flagstaff, Arizona, more often than not, bumper damage is caused by storms. In a heavily wooded landscape, monsoon season can stir up enough debris to cause damage to your car. Fortunately — and important to keep in mind — most comprehensive car insurance plans will cover damage caused by storms and other environmental events outside of your control.

In this article, we will review the average cost to fix a bumper and how to begin the process of making your car look and function like new.  

The 4 Most Common Ways Front Bumpers are Damaged

Here are the most common things that damage bumpers:

  • Car accidents
  • Shopping Carts
  • Car doors
  • Storms

While these culprits may be out of our control, it is important to get the damage repaired as quickly as possible due to the many vehicle systems the bumper is connected to. Within the bumper, there are systems for lights, trim, warning systems, airbag sensors, and air intake. Removing all of these parts can take 2-3 hours.

Due to the complexity of the repair, auto body shops will charge an average of $100-$200 per hour for labor. This rate is also dependent on how new the car is, if it’s a luxury model, and the overall experience of the mechanic. 

Is it Expensive to Replace a Front Bumper?

As with most vehicle repairs, the cost to fix a front bumper will depend on the make and model of the vehicle, what year it was made, the extent of the damage, and what material the bumper was made out of.

A traditional dent repair can range from $100-$600. Damage such as cracks or punctures in the bumper usually range from $325 to $425 to fix. A light scratch is a simpler repair and will cost closer to $50, while a deep scratch could cost up to $600. Most paint labor costs are around $100 an hour and paint jobs can take about 3-4 hours to complete.

Newer models and luxury vehicles often have more electronic parts to them, which can require a specific type of training and experience from your auto body specialist. This also means additional cost for parts and labor could make the overall repair more expensive.

The best way to find out how much it will cost to fix your front bumper is to speak to a professional and get a quote. 

What are the Main Factors Affecting the Cost?

The main factors that will affect the cost of your front bumper repairs are the size and complexity of the damage, as well as the age, make, and model of the damaged vehicle.

Regardless of the make and model of your car, small dents and scratches on the front bumper should be easy to repair. However, when the damage is more severe, the age, make, and model of the car does come into play. 

With newer car, truck, and SUV models, as well as luxury vehicles, you will likely encounter higher parts costs. In the case of luxury brands, this is in part due to the quality and exclusivity of the parts used in your vehicle, but across the board, this is generally due to the simple fact that there will likely be more parts and features to fix or replace, adding also longer labor times and higher labor costs.

Additionally, with newer and higher-end vehicles, you may need to use a specific auto body shop that has experience working with your type of vehicle and could charge more in labor costs to compensate for your technicians’ specialty certifications and level of training. 

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How to Find a Qualified Auto Body Shop to Fix Your Front Bumper

If you reach out to your insurance about your needed repairs, they will recommend an auto body shop for repairs and this is a great way to start exploring your options, but keep in mind, the auto body shop you decide to use is up to you, not your insurance. 

As you shop for an auto body shop, it’s a good idea to utilize online reviews to see what others have said about their experience at different shops. Then look at similar locations in your area and pick a few to get quotes from. Many auto body shops offer free quotes and comparing these quotes can help you make your decision. 

It’s also a good idea to learn more about the auto body shops you’re shopping to decide if they’re the right fit for you and your vehicle. Here’s a list of effective questions to ask when looking for the right auto body shop in or around Flagstaff, Arizona.

Damaged Front Bumper? Call Flagstaff Collision Center and Get it Fixed ASAP!

We can’t always control the damage that happens to our cars, trucks, or SUVs, but we can choose the best in the business when it comes to bumper and other vehicle repairs. Regardless of what caused the damage, Flagstaff Collision Center can fix it. With our extensive collision experience, we aim to have every car leaving our lot looking and functioning like brand new! Contact us today to start the process with your free, no-obligation quote, now!

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