5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Certified Collision Repair Shop

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Whether it’s a dented bumper, a scratched door, or broken headlights, vehicle collision repairs can be stressful. Add a body shop that lacks the equipment, knowledge or technicians to make those repairs, and you may downright panic, facing a longer list of damages and even higher expenses. 

So, how can you ensure that you receive the best repairs from the outset? 

Hire a certified collision repair shop. 

Looking for signs of damage after your car accident?

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What Is a Certified Collision Repair Shop?

A certified collision repair shop means that the body repair shop meets the industry’s latest quality and safety standards for collision repairs. This involves employing qualified, trained technicians that have the technical prowess and proper equipment to successfully complete a repair. Obtaining this certification reinforces a shop’s commitment to excellent customer service and warrants superior vehicle care.

Flagstaff Collision Center is one such shop that has earned this certification, joining other certified collision repair shops as a premier option for vehicle repair. We’ve received this certification from Assured Performance Collision Care, a consumer advocacy organization that designates which collision repair centers have the highest standards of ethics, equipment, training, and customer service in the U.S. The process to become certified is challenging, because less than 5 percent of all body shops in the U.S. meet the certification’s requirements.

5 Reasons to Choose a Certified Collision Repair Shop for Your Vehicle

1) The technicians are trained on specific makes and models.

At certified collision repair shops, technicians are educated and tested on various vehicle makes and models, as well as the specific standards and accurate repairs needed for each type. Different makes and models require different components and systems that can be complex or ever-changing via technical advancements. A certified shop ensures its technicians are familiar with and regularly updated on all makes and models, including globally recognized brands, so that there are no improper repairs.

2) The shop will only use OEM parts.

Certified shops use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. In cars, OEM parts are systems or components that are made by the original manufacture, matching what was inserted during factory assembly. This is different from aftermake parts, which are made by third-party companies and are similar to the original system or component, but not exact. Given that they are made by the same manufacture, OEM parts are better quality and more reliable, making it a quicker, more seamless repair that allows your vehicle to perform as good as new. 

3) Customers receive the highest quality of repairs.


This combination of employing trained technicians and using OEM parts means that the shop provides high-quality repairs. This helps to fix the customer’s current vehicle collision repairs. It also reduces the possibility of any future issues that come from employing technicians with a lack of experience or using a shop that is low on resources or tools.

4) The shop has the latest and greatest equipment.

Certified collision repair shops use the latest and greatest equipment available in the industry, too. “Latest and greatest” translates as most advanced technological equipment, which results in better precision and speed when completing auto repairs. Some equipment used at Flagstaff includes Car-o-liner OEM-certified collision repair equipment, PPG envirobase paint, ADAS vehicle collision avoidance realignment system, among others.

5) The shop works with vehicle manufacturers and is familiar with updates to the newest vehicles.

Another advantage to certified shops is that their technicians work closely with vehicle manufacturers to diagnose and solve repairs. This ongoing collaboration helps the trained technicians to not only resolve current issues but also stay aware of upcoming improvements in each model. This awareness allows shops to prepare for future needs and potential complications, so that the shop can continue providing quick, comprehensive service.  

Flagstaff Collision Center Is Your Local Certified Collision Repair Shop

Unlike non-certified shops, a certified collision repair shop like Flagstaff offers customers more reliable, faster repairs. Knowledgeable technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and ongoing training with vehicle manufacturers allow shops like ours to continue to excel. This means that our customers receive safe, swift, and superior service, so that you can get back on the road, feeling safe and stress-free. If your vehicle is in need of auto body repair, please contact us today for an estimate!

Michael Whittemore